Vistaprint Discount Codes: An Overview of the Company

  • Posted on: 2 January 2015
  • By: JohnSimonson

Vistaprint was founded by Robert Keane in 1995. Mr Keane served as the president and chief executive officer for over a decade. Today, Vistaprint is the leading online printing service provider in the US. It operates in other countries as well. The company has achieved its mission so successfully by combining high quality and low prices. Vistaprint coupon codes make the company’s products the most inexpensive in the market.

Current Coupon Codes for Vistaprint

The current coupon code for Vistaprint is:


With this coupon code you save $10 when you buy products worth $50 or more. You save $25 when you buy products worth $100 or more.

Save $25 on Vistaprint

Pros and Cons of Vistaprint Online Printing

There are many pros about Vistaprint compared to the cons. One major benefit is that their products have an amazing low price, which is competitive enough to knock off your local printing stores. Once you have ordered a free sample, they offer competitive pricing which fits a new business perfectly.

Vistaprint gives you home delivery. This very convenient. Just think what happens if you hire a local printing service.  You will have to do everything in person, from travelling to the printing house, to looking at samples and selecting from their collection, to proof reading the samples, to making numerous phone call to give details, and then finally you have to physically go to their office again to pick up the product. This turns out to be rather time consuming, energy wasting, spending money on travel and so on. Vistaprint on the other hand saves you ample  time, and energy, and is easy in your pocket.

Vistaprint has a huge variety of templates. You can even download them and modify them on photoshop. The offer you guidelines to make the desired changes in the templates.

You can order a print on a wider range of paper grade and quality. They also give you the option of matte or gloss finish. Whether you buy banners, clothing, mugs, bottles, or cards, you have a vast array of choices.

What about the customer service?

Vistaprint has an around the clock customer service center, that assures prompt reply to any queries or complaints. One of the disadvantages is that they do not offer a live chat option. This would be very helpful. They do have n email address that you can use to ask questions, but you have to wait for their reply which takes a day or two.

Working at Vistaprint

Life in Vistaprint

Life in Vistaprint: Employees having a break

Considering Vista print from an employee’s point of view, people who have worked there have said that at Vista Print there is appreciation for your talent and hard work.  Vistaprint rewards you with perks and employment bonuses.  There are highly talented people working amongst you, and this offers you a competitive environment. Many have stated that on the downside the support staff at times is unheeding.  And there is some trouble with setting boundaries in work hours, as some people work more hours than you and you feel obliged to do the same, even though the company doesn’t require so. 

Whether you look at Vistaprint from a client’s or employee’s point of view, I believe this online printing service is one of the best in the world. Get promo codes for Vistaprint from