How to Look Slim and Slender Without losing Weight

  • Posted on: 12 November 2014
  • By: JohnSimonson

Losing weight might be the most researched topic over the Internet. There are a lot of fat loss diets as well as exercise programs that have been circulating and you just have practically tried all of these. Looking slim without losing weight is best for not so fat people who just want to give that more beautiful look in their bodies. This technique may also be best for people who just don’t have any patience trying out those diets and exercises. Looking slim without losing weight is easy and you can have desired results quick.

So what is this “looking slim without losing weight” technique? Well, it’s all on the manner you dress and groom yourself. The following are simple tips you can employ and you are ready for a date tonight.

Dressing Right is Key

Wear dark colors

Darker shades of clothes make you look slimmer than light ones. Choose among black, brown, dark blue and other darker shades. Dark colors tend to create an illusion that you are slimmer.

Wear vertical prints

Vertical prints also make you look slimmer. The vertical prints lengthen your body as opposed to horizontal prints that make you look fatter.

Use A-lined skirts

Use A-lined skirts rather than straight cuts. A-lined skirts add to the figure on your legs and avoid concentrating on your big hips. Straight cut skirts tend to show more of your bid hips and just make you look bigger.

Use well-fitting undergarments

When you use small undergarments, the chances are, some of your fats go out of the undergarment and it becomes evident under your dress. Well fitting undergarments keep those unwanted curves and flab to stay where they should stay.

Use V-neck shirts

V-neck shirts reveal more of your neck and skin on your upper chest. This also creates an illusion that you have a longer neck making you look taller and slimmer.

Grooming Can Make the Difference

Concentrate wearing makeup on your eyes

Make your eyes more dramatic by adding eye shadows and eye liners. When your eyes look bigger, it catches the attention away from your big cheeks.

Add color to your lips

As the eyes catch attention, your lips will also do the same thing. However, concentrate using light and neutral colors rather than dark and super shiny lipsticks. Neutral color eves out you lower face and makes your face look smaller and thinner.

Volumize your hair

Your hair may also help make you look slimmer. Avoid those pony tails because they just vividly reveal your fat cheeks. Instead, brig your hair to the front and naturally add bounce by putting some spray nets. In this way, your cheeks become partially covered by your hair making your face look smaller.

Wear Perfume

When you smell good, you also feel sexier from the inside. The secret to being sexy lies on your confidence. Confident women tend to look sexier. Other people who also smell your perfume may create a feeling that you are oozing with sex appeal.

Your Posture Matters

Stand straight

Posture is also a very important factor in making you look slimmer. When you stand straight and tall, you tend to straighten your body vertically, which also stretches your body. When you slouch, your abdominal flab just come together and make the middle portion of your body bigger.

Looking and feeling sexy not only require a perfectly curved body, but also comes from confidence within you. When you start with simple things like grooming and dressing, weight loss comes out naturally when you start to feel good about yourself.