Entertaining And Refreshing Details About Me And My News Blog

Hello, John Simonson here, and I would like to invite you to my news blog. I am so glad that you found my blog and I hope you will find things here interesting. I am originally from Big Spring, TX and enjoy spending my time researching online various topics. I am 31 years old and a dad blogger. I have studied literature.

Most of my life I have lived and studied in from Big Spring, TX, but after completing my studies I worked in Boston for about two years. I was working as a journalist for a radio station where I spent most of my time researching and reporting on different kinds of news.

What inspired me to start this blog is realizing that people are in the current days looking for news on the internet. Since I wished to reach more people than I was while working I figured the best way to reach these people is starting blog.

This blog is about diverse news I find on the internet which I would like to share with you. I am interested in reporting on global issues about entertainment, sports, shopping deals and discount codes, technology and wellness. My favorite sport is mountain biking.

The reason I choose these fields of reporting is that these issues affect most people and therefore I will be able to share the news and current affairs about these issues. I also figured that to reach to the people whom I wished to reach I needed to have a blog where I could post current events, updates and random general and cools stuff that I come across online.

I invite you to sit back, explore hang out, take notes and enjoy the content of my site. I do proper research on all the information I post and also ensure that the information is entertaining to you and other readers. In case you have any comment or question you can readily contact me at JohnSimonson2@yahoo.com where I will answer to all your queries. I am always happy to throw my pencil for a chat with people who are interested in my site.

Thanks for visiting my blog and hope see you back soon since there are more refreshing and informative posts to come.