Couponing At CVS: 8 Tips And Tricks To Save Extra Bucks

  • Posted on: 19 December 2014
  • By: JohnSimonson

CVS is one of the largest drugstores chains in the United States where I save extra bucks while shopping for my favorite personal care items. The store offers a variety of rewards and cash back systems which when applied smartly can take several dollars off my shopping bills. Let's take a quick look at some easy ways to save money while shopping at CVS.

1. I applied for the ExtraCare Rewards card to get the ExtraCare Bucks. These extra bucks are CVS coupons which allow me to receive savings on my next purchase of almost any item at their stores or online. With the ExtraCare Rewards card I also receive ExtraCare Bucks every quarter for all my CVS purchases and prescriptions made in that quarter. This is 2% of the purchases made in that quarter. I also receive other promotional coupons on a variety of products sold at their stores. You can apply for the card online or at the store. The benefits of applying in store is that you can start using it immediately and receive the savings coupons printed on your receipt.

2. Once you apply for the card register it online at the CVS website by clicking on the Extra Care icon. By registering my email and home address I receive email and home mailings of ExtraCare Bucks coupons periodically. CVS also sent me a $4 dollar off coupon for my next $20 worth of purchase within a few weeks of registering my email. Other than this I also receive regular special saving coupons and other offers.

3. I joined the ExtraCare Beauty club to receive benefits when I buy beauty products. Once I finish billing I scan my CVS card on the red Coupon Center Machine to get extra coupons. Remember that sale cycles in CVS run Sunday to Saturday.

4. CVS rewards its loyal customers using store cards for certain type of shopping behavior. At the end of the bill receipt coupons are printed which can be used for any goods I buy at CVS. I receive one credit every time I fill a prescription at CVS either online or in the store. If I refill 10 prescriptions I get $5 ExtraCare Bucks Rewards which can be used against my next purchase. Sign up each member of your family so you can get greater benefits.

5. Some sale items at CVS featured on their weekly and monthly ads receives ExtraCare Bucks immediately after purchase. For instance a certain brand of toothpaste maybe on sale. If I buy it for $3.99, because of the sale I might get $3.00 back in ECB's which is printed on my receipt. I can use this $3.00 ECB on my next purchase at CVS and receive $3 off on my bill. If the store is out on any extra buck sale item I ask for a rain check. When the item is back in stock I can use my rain check to receive the ECB printed on my receipt.

6. All Extra Bucks must be encashed within 30 days of issue or they expire and can not be redeemed.

7. The Extra Bucks Rewards can be used only with ExtraCare Card on which they were issued. They cannot be transferred.

8. When redeeming Extra Bucks at the counter remember that if you have a $5 Extra Buck and want to buy an item worth just $3 you will lose the remaining $2 of the $5. I usually buy some smaller items which cost less than $2 dollar like candy bars or smaller travel sized items for that amount to make up for the shortfall.