Adsense: The 4 Components of Success

  • Posted on: 26 November 2014
  • By: cltnet

Ah Adsense! That elusive golden ticket. Google pays, it really does. There's no lie in the Adsense success stories. The big "G" pays out hundreds of thousands of dollars quarterly. Over 2 million dollars a year to bloggers, website owners and forums who host their little square ads and banner ads on their sites. What makes them work, why doesn't it work for everyone? We'll examine the things that make up the magic formula for successful Adsense campaigns, and why so many feel like they fail when everyone else cashes in big time.

First of all, get over the pitiful “they don't like me” attitude. If you need to throw yourself a pity party, get it over with quick. Take a pint of Häagen-Dazs in the bathtub, soak in the hot water, cry, scream and eat your ice cream, then get out and get to work. It's not personal—it's a business. If you are feeling sorry for yourself, and you perceived lack of success, then you are not thinking about your marketing career as a business. If you just want to have fun blogging, then do it. Blogging is great for that, but forget about making money unless you are ready to buckle down and play the game.

Here we go. Here are the 4 components of success for a profitable Adsense campaign:

1. Traffic

No matter what the niche, no matter what the products, there isn't a single successful Adsense blog or website that makes it without heavy traffic. The big numbers only come when big numbers come to you.

Getting big numbers is a puzzle to many bloggers. They have no idea how to get people to come to them. Use everything at your disposal to get the word out about your blog, your posts, your content… NOT your ads. When you make a new post, announce it on Facebook, Twitter and even on forums that pertain to your subject matter. Always remember when dealing with forums, that you have to make truly sincere and relevant posts on subject or you will get kicked out (justifiably so) for spamming. Write your real post, and put your blog link to a good article on the subject in your signature line.

2. Relevancy

Make sure to target your Adsense ads to the content on your blog. Even with terrific traffic, if your readers are coming to your blog or website to read about weight loss, they aren't likely to be looking for ads on home theater systems.

A lot will depend on your content. When you write, make sure it is on a relevant subject. Your Adsense ads will pick up on the subject matter and immediately put ads up on the page that are connected to the subject. If you write an article for your diet blog on Nutrisystem discounts, or Medifast coupons, the Adsense ads will reflect diet products, diets and other related subject matter.

3. Position

Most common marketing knowledge will tell you that text links do better "below the fold." They work better toward the bottom of an article so that the reader has had a chance to absorb the information you have that gives them a desire for what you are offering.

With Adsense, it's a little different. Put it too far down on your page in an effort to not look too intrusive, and your readers are likely to overlook it. Put it under your header in a horizontal ad banner, or on the top of your sidebar in a vertical banner.

Some success can be found by placing line-ad style banners with 2 or 3 text links between posts as well. Your reader's can't help but stumble over them as they get to the next juicy tidbit you have to offer. The big trick there is that you really need to get your reader used to looking for the next post by putting up two or three at a time. Otherwise, they'll read the first one, and move along without looking at the link below it.

4. Payout

This last one makes a lot of sense, but can be trickier to obtain. To get the best payout you need high-paying ads on your site. That means you have to write the kind of content that attracts those ads. That doesn't mean 'quality' content: that's for your readers, and you do want that, but when it comes to attracting the right ads, you need articles on a subject that will trigger a high cost item in the ads.

For some subjects it is difficult. Even diet content can be hard to get really big ticket items in the ads, but if you are writing about diets, you'd want to think about doing reviews for exercise equipment (usually big dollar items), spa getaways, or things of that nature. You don't necessarily have to write about those things all the time, but you need to get mentions of them in your articles as often as possible to trigger the high-paying ads.

Finally, as a reminder, in order to protect your Adsense account from getting suspended, make sure the content of your site aligns with Google policy. For exanple, you cannot host adsense ads on pages that mention drugs or have adult content.