5 Tips to Make an Ideal Business Card

  • Posted on: 2 January 2015
  • By: JohnSimonson

Antonio Centeno, founder of Real Men Real Style, gives us some very practical tips on making the perfect business card.

The use of business cards has grown rapidly over the past one decade or so. Business professionals all over the world love to use business cards since they are seen as a sign of professionalism in whatever they do. Again, these cards are awesome for record keeping and referencing. When you give cards to people, they are more likely to appreciate what you offer as opposed to sending them newsletter and unsolicited emails.

However, if you want your business cards to make an impact to your business and to those you give them to, it is important to make sure that the cards are designed in the right manner. The style of presentation of the same cards also matters. Here is a look at 5 tips that will help you to make an ideal business card.

1. Understand the purpose of the business card

First of all, you ought to clearly understand the main purpose of the business cards. What do you intend to achieve with the use of these cards? Do you want to use them as a form of advertisement or linkage to referrals? Once you understand the purpose of the cards, you will be able to design and print them in the right manner. For example, the purpose of my business cards is to give people a way to contact me through my email. I don't want to give them much detail about the business I am involved in. I am a business owner and have several businesses. Therefore, my card simply says: "Business Owner". It doesn't contain my phone number because I don't want people to call me. Now, your case may be different. You may be looking for a job. Your business card in this case should mention your exact expertise (i.e Graphic Designer) and your phone number, because you want your prospective employer to be able to reach you directly. So, rule #1 is: You business card must serve your purpose.


2. Keep it simple

Some people like to call it Keep It Simple Stupid or KISS. A business card should not contain too much information about your business. In fact, your business name, logo, slogan, contact information and what you do are what are needed in such settings. Make sure you don’t clutter too much information in the cards.

Cluttered Business Card

Example of cluttered business card

3. Make the information in the card accurate

When you are designing a business card, the information contained in it is of great essence. The information about your business has to be accurate. If you are writing addresses and contact information they have to be precise and readable. Cards that contain inaccurate details might harm your business reputation and integrity.

4. Make it professional

Perhaps the most important part of business card design should be professionalism. The design of your cards should be different from that of amateurs out there. Ideally, when people get your cards, they should get the feeling that you truly understand what you are in business for. This is by the manner in which you will have used color and graphics on the card. Again, the fonts used, styles and paper will also determine if a card is really professional. Also, the email should look professional. Don't use an email like Fatherof8Kids@yahoo.com!  This is a personal email. You must use a business email. Otherwise people will not take you seriously.

Being professional also means that your card is clean. Don't hand out a dirty card! I have had people hand me a smudged dirty card that they had in their pocket for I don't know how long time, and this created an negative impression. I didn't even want to touch it.

Dirty Business Card

Dirty Business Card

5. Have plenty of cards

Last but not least, having plenty of cards is a major requirement that you ought to satisfy. Just make sure your cards don’t run out when you are on a business trip. When you have lots of them, you can be sure that you will linkup with many people and hand the cards to them. This is a vital requirement in business today.