11 Wealthiest People in the US

  • Posted on: 14 November 2014
  • By: JohnSimonson

A record has been yet set again this year for American wealth with the aggregate net worth for the richest 400 people in US being $2.29 trillion. This has set a $270 billion rise compared to last year’s record.

This is a list of the top eleven richest people in the US by state. There are few surprises on this list with some of the states not producing any billionaires. These include New Mexico, Maine, Delaware, Utah any several others. There are some notable billionaires you would definitely expect to feature in the list but, apparently, they didn’t make it. The likes of Paul Allen, Microsoft’s co-founder, whose wealth is valued at around $16.4 billion, do not feature in the list. Most of these personalities are entrepreneurs who have made fortunes on their own. And let's start with...

1. Bill Gates

Gates is a Washington resident whose net worth is approximated at around $81.5 billion. He maintains his position as the richest person in the US. He is the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation. He has amassed lots of his wealth by effecting major social changes around the world. One of his fortunes, the Bill and Melinda Gates, is among the largest in America. This fortune has given out more than $30 billion since its inception.

2. Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet, 84, is among the richest investors in the globe with a net worth estimated at $66.9 billion. From the state of Nebraska, Buffet boasts great professionalism and philanthropic character. He has pledged to donate 99% of his wealth after he dies. Despite the many billions he has given away, his net worth is still surging forward. This can partially be attributed to the successful performance of Berkshire Hathaway.

3. Lawrence Ellison, California


With a net worth of $47.3 billion, Lawrence Ellison is Oracle Corp’s co-founder. He has yet shocked many people in the business world, following his announcement of plans to step down as the CEO of Oracle Corporation. He founded Oracle in 1977 and has built various databases for CIA. He will still remain as the Chief Technology Officer of the corporation.

4. David Koch, Kansas


Koch is a political activist and a billionaire investor whose net worth is approximated at around $42 billion. He has recorded remarkable influences in the world of politics, business and philanthropy. Together with Charles Koch, they have overseen massive growth in Koch Industries, the second-biggest private corporation in the US.

5. Christy Walton

Kristy Walton

Christy is an Arkansas resident and widow to John T. Walton, Wal-Mart heir. She is actually the wealthiest woman in the world, not only in America. She was married into the richest family in the globe, and has hence accumulated most of her fortunes through inheritance to have a net worth of $37.9 billion. The second richest woman in the world is her sister-in-law, Alice Walton.

6. Michael R. Bloomberg, New York


The Bloomberg L.P.’s co-founder has his net worth at a record $33.7 billion. Having left his office and promising to dedicate his life towards philanthropy, he made his way back to the helm of his company within less than a year. As a former mayor of New York, he has led his company to higher levels, amassing huge revenues that will definitely boost the company.

7. Sheldon Adelson, Nevada


The casino magnate is the CEO of Las Vegas Sands. His net worth is estimated to be around $29 billion. Having spent more than $100 million in effort to put a Republican in the White House, Adelson is shaping up to feature once again as a power player in 2016. He hosted some Republican presidential aspirants at his event, the Adelson Primary in Las Vegas, hoping to build up his influence in 2016.

8. Forrest Mars. Jr. Virginia


He is the grandson of Frank C. Mars, the founder of Mars. His net worth is valued at $25.9 billion. Together with his siblings Jacqueline and John, they won the secretive Virginia-based candy titan. All of them serve on its board of directors, playing no single role in the day-to-day operations of the company. His grandfather, Frank started Mars in the year 1911.

9. Phil Knight, Oregon


Phil Knight is the chairman and co-founder of the popular Nike Inc. With a net worth of around $19 billion, he peddles sportswear in almost all countries on the planet. His father being a newspaper publisher, he started off by selling running shoes made from his car’s trunk. Fifty years afterwards, he has been able to amass lots of wealth to feature among the richest people in the US.

10. Michael Dell, Texas

Michael Dell

With a net worth of $17.9 billion, Michael Dell is the CEO and founder of Dell Inc. The company has been thriving since Michael took it private in 2013. This gives Dell the right to not disclose any of its financials. Michael founded the company back in 1984 at a tender age of 19. The United Nations Foundation named him as the first Global Advocate for Entrepreneurship in June, 2014.

11. Harold Hamm, Oklahoma

 Harold Hamm

The famous oil tycoon has his net worth estimated to be around $17.6 billion. He is the CEO of Continental Resources. Having ended his 26-year marriage, he was ordered to pay his second wife, Sue Ann, more than $1 billion. Hamm got off this case easily as many had speculated. He is also quite philanthropic given that he has set up a functioning Diabetes center which manages patients diagnosed with the condition.